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Haakon Fossen, autor de Geologia Estrutural, disponibilizou material complementar gratuito de seu livro, em português.

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  1. I’m Antonio EMILIO NETO, Brazilian, I live in Brussels, Theodore verhaegem, saint Gilles, Belgium. I do not have scientific training or higher, or any thing of the genre. (Just curious). My curiosity led me to search, and research I discovered things wonderfully amazing.
    I discovered through geographical studies and researches of maps, and the google EARTH, also a curious detail in Xinjiang Uygur province (CHINA). I noticed that a vast desert surrounded by mountains that extend from Kazakhstan to MYANMAR (Himalayas), has aspects of an impact of a meteor.
    Also I might observe mountain ranges that clearly demonstrate that there has been an intense flow of volcanic lava (magma) that extend from points in the province, until the States of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iran, and most of the territories of Turkey.
    Curiously across the Himalayas, also I observed the same type of relief and volcanic lava flow aspect, in the territories of Myanmar, Viet Nam, Laos and Thailand.
    The most curious is that this chain of mountains (Himalaya) is geographically located at an angle of almost 380° degrees, which do not match with similar characteristics to clash between tectonic plates. and the territories of India not presents any modification on the surface, only the elevations of the mountain chains of the Himalayas almost vertical.
    Noticed also that the aspects of the collision are in opposite position of the axis of rotation of the Earth (the northeast to the Midwest) which stresses the idea of rotating time reduction, thereby increasing the force of gravity on Earth.
    Interestingly, in recent years were found meteors in the same Chinese province, and there are also reports of shells of marine animals found at the top of Mount Everest, and minerals abundant in the surface that only we can find in the lower layers of the Earth.
    I have no doubt that there was an impact of a meteor, which in my opinion, was responsible for the separation of the continents and by the elevaçao of the Himalayas.
    I also believe that the sediment covered a wide area very rich in biosphere thus forming the oil tanks in the territories will, Iraq and Saudi arabia.
    There is also the possibility of being responsible for the dinosaurs facing extinction, since the climate became ostil and little favourable to life of large animals because of the possible increase in the force of gravity, giant tides and earthquakes.
    If proven these “my treorias” completely change the thoughts we have about the formation of continents and of the hymalaias, perhaps even how they formed the seasons, as the impact occurred in reverse the rotating earth. and the days and nights as we know it, could be quite different than they are today.

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